Word of Faculty Dean

Faculty of Education always seeks to be pioneering and distinguished among faculties and to make use of technology in all activities. The Faculty has many technological labs such as computer lab, education technology lab, multimedia lab, languages digital lab, psychology lab, biology lab, geography lab, virtual classrooms and electronic training. In addition, the Faculty contains many auditoriums, workshops and classrooms that all need protection and development: protection from any deficiency or crisis and development to cope with modern theories of safety and security. This record shows the sincere effort exerted by the Faculty to provide that safe and proper environment, besides the focus on community service sector. Through the Public Service Center, this sector implements University policy in offering community services, helps the University to accomplish its mission, participates in training personnel in the latest scientific and technical methods and fosters relations with community. Our endeavor towards good education for our students requires safe proper environment and offering suitable atmosphere for interaction with community. This is our conviction that are based on our deep belief of our students and beloved homeland that we all wish progress and prosperity for.

Hopefully, Allah will guide us all for achieving superiority of the Faculty and the University.

Prof. Samir Abdel Wahab Abdel Kader Al-Khowait
Dean of Faculty of Education