To Get Temporary Graduation Certificates:

• A student submits clearance letter to related departments that he deals with during his study at the Faculty.
• A student presents a request to take his or her papers to Faculty Dean and attach to it 3 personal photos, identity card copy, required stamp and educational services stamps in addition to paying original certificate fees. (the certificate made of heavy paper).


To Sanction Graduation Certificates (Temporary, Heavy Paper and Estimations):

• A student presents the certificates he or she wants to be sanctioned to Alumni Department at the General Administration of Education and Student Affairs in order to be revised and ratified before being sanctioned by Foreign Affairs.

• The original certificate (made of heavy paper) is prepared after being edited and revised by the General Administration of Education and Student Affairs and after being ratified by Faculty Dean and University President.

• Certificate holder or his deputy can receive the original certificate from the Faculty after being edited and sanctioned.


To Modify Graduate's Data:

• A student presents to the Faculty, where he graduated, his temporary and original certificates and a proof that the modification is correct in order to take required measurements and to be submitted to Faculty Council. Then, it is sent to the Administration to take measures of modifying the data.

• A temporary certificate is issued by the Faculty with the names before and after modification.

• The name after modification is typed on the side of the original certificate and the certificate is ratified.


To Issue a Replacement Copy of a Lost Original Certificate:

• A request is presented to University Vice President or his deputy and remains of damaged certificate or a police report about losing the certificate is attached.

• The cost of issuing the certificate is paid at University Treasury; payment receipt is delivered to Alumni Department (Issuance Department) so that the Department can issue and ratify the certificate.

• Each Faculty uploads the results of its students on the internet so that students can know their results throughout years of study at Faculty via University Database Site .

• To make sure of data validity of Tanta University alumni… press here