Faculty Council

  Chairman of Faculty Council and Faculty Dean, Prof. Samir Abdel Wahab Abdel Kader Al-Khowait, welcomed members of Faculty Council with attendance of:    

Prof. Ahmed Samy Zaki Mansour, Faculty Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development 

Prof. Ibrahim Al-Shafee Al-Shafee, Faculty Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof.Thanaa Al-Meligi Odah, Faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Samir Abdel Wahab Al-Khewait, Head of Department of Educational Foundations

Prof. Thanaa Al-Meligi Odah, Head of Department of Curricula and Teaching Methodology

Prof. Abo Zeid Said Al-Shewiqi, Head of Department of Educational Psychology 


Council trusteeship was assigned to Prof. Ahemd Samy Zaki Mansour, Council Trustee

Secretariat tasks were assigned to Mr. Amr Ahmed Esa, Council Secretary