Establishment and Development

Faculty of Education in Tanta was founded as the first Faculty in Delta region for graduating teachers based on the republican decree No. 1088 of 1969. The Faculty began including three scientific divisions, namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and Biological and Geological Sciences. 212 students joined it. Prof. Ibrahim Esmat Motawe was appointed as the first dean of the Faculty according to the republican decree No. 1089 of 1969. The Faculty began at the headquarters of Tanta Secondary School in Al-Gheish St. (the current headquarters). It continued to be located in the same headquarters for two years. Then, the headquarters of the Faculty was changed and it was transferred to the building of Saint Louis School (the old building of University Administration now)

A literary division was established to prepare teachers of English and French languages in 1970. In addition, the divisions of philosophy and sociology teachers were established in 1972. A division for preparing Arabic language teachers was added in 1975. Thus, the number of students in licentiate and bachelor's stages reached 3589 students. Education Directorate in Gharbia presented the building of Tanta Industrial Secondary School, located next to Alsaiedah Aisha Industrial School in Othman Mohammed St. and Schools St., after finishing its foundation to Tanta University to be headquarters for Faculty of Education due to the significance of its role in preparing teachers in Gharbia governorate.

Postgraduate studies in general and special diplomas began in 1976. Divisions of commercial teacher, physical education (males and females), childhood division and primary education with its different divisions (mathematics, science, social studies and English language) were established.

For organizational reasons at the University, Faculty of Education returned once again to its first headquarters in Al-Geish St. opposite the building of Gharbia governorate in 1989 after it was occupied by Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Sciences and then Faculty of Engineering. New buildings were founded for those faculties at the first campus of faculties known as the Medical Campus.

The division of physical education (males and females) was separated to be Faculty of Physical Education. Divisions of geography teacher, history teacher, agricultural teacher and finally psychology teacher were added to the previous divisions of the Faculty.

After that, the academic bylaw was modified based on the ministerial decree No. 1924. Thereupon, the following divisions were added: preparation of special education teacher, preparation of literacy and adult education teacher, preparation of computer teacher, and industrial teacher. Applying the new bylaw was postponed in 2011-2012 for more readiness.

The bylaw was applied for first year students in the academic year 2012-2013. Inauguration of the new divisions was delayed because the Faculty was not ready for applying. Implementation of special education divisions began in 2014-2015 via activation of preparation of Arabic language teacher division, English language teacher division, preparation of social studies teacher division, preparation of mathematics teacher division, and preparation of science teacher division. The number of students at licentiate and bachelor's degree reached 9454 students.

Implementation of science teacher in foreign languages began in 2015-2016 when preparation of chemistry teacher in English language division was activated.

Through these divisions, the Faculty offers 26 educational programs granting 26 scientific degrees at licentiate and bachelor's stages. In addition, the building occupied currently by the Faculty, the former headquarters of Tanta Secondary School in Al-Gheish St. opposite the building of Gharbia governorate, is considered one of the oldest buildings in the governorate. Another building is being established for Faculty of Education overlooking Moheb St. Construction processes will be finished in 2016 if Allah wills. Furthermore, Faculty of Education Council submitted a report to Tanta University Council regarding restorations of the front of Faculty building that overlooks Al-Gheish St. and establishing a gate of the building in Moheb St.

In addition, Quality Assurance Unit and Faculty Secretariat presented a report to University Secretariat concerning the necessity of demolishing the engineering building at the Faculty because it had large cracks and parts of its roof fell after rain despite being closed after receiving a report on demolishing it since April 2014, on the contrary to the rest twelfth faculties of the University that many new buildings were established for.