Strategic Objectives

Objectives of Faculty of Education at Tanta University:

The objectives are linked to policies and procedures to achieve its mission:
This is accomplished with participation of Faculty community to fulfill most of this vision through the above mentioned mission using the following polices and measures to reach its goals:
1. To prepare teacher before service through:
§ High quality programs in all specializations of general education from kindergarten (division of child education), preparation of teacher of primary education in all specialization and finally preparation of teacher of secondary education. New divisions were created. They are: Commercial teacher division and agricultural teacher division A new bylaw was formulated for the Faculty. It was implemented for the first time in 2012-2013 in all specializations of first year students to treat the deficiency in teacher preparation programs and to cope with development in this field that witnesses successive developments. In the new bylaw, entirely new divisions were established for the first time in 2014 at the beginning of the first term. These divisions are: Special Education Division:
It included Mathematics, science, Arabic language, social studies, computer, adult education and literacy division and computer teacher division. Bylaws of these divisions were ratified. In 2014/2015, the bylaw of teacher of scientific subjects in foreign languages was ratified. Articles of this bylaw will be put into effect beginning from the first term of 2015\ 2016 if Allah wills. In preparation of teacher, it must be taken into consideration that he or she has the following characters:
§ Mastering his academic specializations § Having skill in presentation of his material and interaction with students
§ Trying to create democratic educational atmosphere in classroom and in school
§ Making students used to cooperative work and self learning
§ Emphasizing the importance of thinking, planning, problem solving, making decision related to his teaching and school activity
§ Committed to ethics of the profession and values of Egyptian community
§ Enjoying Egyptian, Arab and international culture that makes him able to confirm entity and be opened to others § Being able to use technology in general and teaching technology in particular
§ To provide on-job training, to offer professional self development to graduates, and to support values of life-long learning
2. To participate effectively in drawing up education policies in Egypt and implementing them through membership of committees at the national and local levels, special units and preparation, qualification and training of education leaders
3. To conduct educational researches that result in educational knowledge and tackle educational issues and real problems facing education and to present solutions for them that reform education and develop it
4. To present consultations and studies which take part in development and upgrading education through active partnership with ministries of education and schools. This includes all components of the educational system: administration, curricula, teaching and learning methods, evaluation, etc.
5. To upgrade systems and programs of study in the light of international trends and local needs in a way that increases performance level of the Faculty

6. To disseminate advanced educational thought and modern educational practices according to advanced mechanisms inside the environment and the community
7. To introduce technology into fields of teacher preparation and educational researches, and to use it more efficiently in areas of higher education and pre-university education
8. To provide public and private institutions of non-formal education with research and consultative services to serve school and community
9. To take part in preparation of teaching staff in all specializations of University and institutions of higher education offering continuous educational training that enable them to play their role effectively and efficiently
10. To disseminate ethics of the profession among teaching staff, students and employees of the Faculty according to an ethical code that all people abide by
11. To adopt comprehensive quality concept and to apply it inside the Faculty through caring about self-evaluation regarding culture, practice, following up and preparation for external evaluation. All these procedures are approach to comprehensive quality and continuous development. To consider accreditation process as official, national and popular recognition of Faculty of Education, its mission and performances in the above mentioned various areas